Are you ready for a Calmer approach to raise your
business and wellbeing to the next level?

The Calmer Method
For entrepreneurs who want to build a
sustainable business with a wellbeing balance

Running a business and managing your personal wellbeing
is like Yin and Yang... one cannot function without the other.


You started your business because you have skills and experience to share, you’re passionate about what you do and you want to make a positive difference to the lives of others through your work. No doubt, this feels personal to you.

You spend a high percentage of your time working, and running a business demands even more of your energy. Everything feels magnified when you’re managing all the ins and outs and it's a real challenge for you to balance your personal and professional life.

You know your wellbeing matters but you’re not sure where to even begin to find the time (or the head space) to put YOU first while you grow your business...

Trust me... I've been there and know exactly how it feels!

And contrary to what stories you may read about "needing to work 24/7" to achieve your entrepreneur dreams, I’m here to show you a healthier, happier and well-balanced approach to creating a sustainable business-life balance – empowering you to feel in control of your mental health and manage your wellbeing effectively while running a business.

I'll guide you through the Calmer process from the start, helping you to explore your full potential and achieve what's important.


If you're a new startup or have been running a business for a while...

The Calmer Method has been created with you in mind!

I'm here to show you the power you have to:

✔️ Understand your strengths and your mindset around your ambitions

✔️ Feel in control of managing your every day wellbeing while running a business

✔️ Growing and maintain that all-important business-life balance... for good!

Are you ready to take action to nurture your happiness,
mental health and wellbeing as a busy entrepreneur?

✔️ Assess what is blocking you from moving forward and overcome your fears

✔️ Explore your key strengths and enhance your confidence in what you offer

✔️ Source and nurture relationships that bring you value and support

✔️ Implement strategies that empower you to stay motivated and say no to procrastinating

✔️ Get clarity on how to manage challenges and changing conditions with an adaptable approach

✔️ Master your empowering wellbeing plan that utilises your strengths and knowledge to reduce
feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and overwhelm

✔️ Receive personalised support and accountability throughout the programme

What can you expect from this 6 week programme?


Your Entrepreneurial Mind – A Calmer Assessment

Use powerful techniques to remove limiting beliefs
Create an empowered mindset and explore your full potential
Implement key strategies to reduce feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and overwhelm


Stop and Take Notice

Deepen awareness of your strengths and happiness
Embrace the art of ‘observing’
Find out what 'business-life balance' means to you


Adaptability: An Essential Skill For Entrepreneurs

Learn how to reduce overwhelm and navigate changing conditions
Explore coping strategies to help you manage challenges effectively
Handle conflict with confidence - apply your strengths to manage different personality types


Put People At The Heart of What You Do

Learn essential skills to build meaningful relationships in business
Create a powerful support system that takes your business to the next level
 Find out how to source the right opportunities for you and your business


Networking for your personality type

Develop networking techniques that use your personality to your advantage
Learn how to reduce anxiety to gain high value results from networking
Explore the art of sourcing and maintaining valuable partnerships


Your Entrepreneur Wellbeing plan

Understand how to achieve your best work
Identify methods for boosting motivation on a daily basis
Create your Calmer business-life balance action plan


As part of the sign-up process, you'll receive the following exclusive freebies:

A copy of our new e-book, This is Calmer
Access to 'Simplifying Social Media', an exclusive training video for members of this programme
gifted by Cassie Hicks, Founder of Modern Marketing Spark (Worth £249)

A complimentary 1-2-1 strategy session with Tania two weeks after the programme (Worth £297)
Bonus 1-2-1 call one month after the programme to share your progress, receive feedback and
guidance on your next steps

Lifetime access to a private membership site and The Calmer Method private group,
so you can stay connected with members of the programme and continue to inspire and motivate one another!

Calmer Client Testimonials

"I always look forward to my sessions with Tania. She seeks out solutions and offers the best advice and guidance for me as a new startup. The 1-2-1 sessions are perfectly adapted to my needs, we set personal goals for me to follow up on as well as other self-development tools to support me through the process until our next session. I would happily recommend Tania and Calmer Services to anyone keen on venturing into a new business."
Vanessa Lee,
Founder of Passion Fruit Tree
"Calmer provided me with the support I needed during my transition from being self-employed to becoming a small business owner and managing a team. The 1-2-1 sessions with Tania allowed me to voice my concerns and obstacles and she guided me through implementing successful business strategies and fueled my creative projects - making me a Calmer leader for my team. Calmer is great for anybody who feels overwhelmed by the processes within running a successful business and needs to find that balance. It was just what I needed at this stage of my career."
Omari 'Motion' Carter,
Director of The Motion Dance Collective
"Sometimes it’s hard to admit what’s really stopping you from feeling fulfilled. I was lucky enough to work with Calmer at a time when I was doubting myself and in need of a “friendly push”.  I was supported in working out what was holding me back from doing what I love the most, and my ideas became clearer. Tania is the pure example of a hardworking, self-made individual who has followed her dreams. Her super easy-to-follow model feels personal and bespoke, and it helped me shift a negative, cloudy mindset into a positive path full of possibilities."
Alba Rueda,
Events and Awards Manager / Singer-Songwriter

This programme is for you, if...

✔️ You're in the first 1-2 years of your startup journey and want to nail a balanced lifestyle plan
that works for you and your business from the get-go

✔️ You've been running your business for more than 1-2 years yet are struggling to find that business-life balance

✔️ You feel anxious and uncertain about the next steps in your business and
are in need of clarity and support to move forward

✔️ You're in need of support and belief from a mentor and a group of like-minded entrepreneurs
who will champion your goals and progress

✔️ You are READY to take your business to the next level and broaden your access to a
wider, supportive, powerful network of like-minded people

✔️ You have an open mind and an open heart to receive the feedback, ideas and
the support you need to achieve your best results


The RESULTS you can expect to achieve
from joining this programme are...


✔️ A crystal clear understanding of where you are and where you want to be

✔️ Enhanced awareness of your needs and what makes you happy

✔️ Tools and coping strategies to manage anxiety, uncertainty and overwhelm

✔️ A heightened understanding of your productivity levels and how to apply your strengths to your business

✔️ A new, effective support network that helps you at different stages of your journey

✔️ Increased skills to manage challenges, develop partnerships and networking to suit your personality type

✔️ An empowering action plan that incorporates goal setting for your business as well as wellbeing initiatives to live the balanced lifestyle you desire

I believe that anything is possible with the right mindset,
support network, strategy and implementation...

I whole-heartedly believe that nurturing your mindset and personal growth while running your business is a vital attribute of your long-term success.

I’m dedicated to helping you to:

- Manage your wellbeing in a way that works for YOU as you grow your business

- Develop a SUSTAINABLE way of building your startup

- See RESULTS from participating in this programme

- Keep ON TRACK with your goals after the programme comes to an end

- Be the LEADER you were born to be

Like you, I recognise that looking after your health and wellbeing while navigating the entrepreneur lifestyle is essential.

My story is proof that it's absolutely possible to achieve that business-life balance, and I can't wait to work with you to achieve the same for you and your business.

Let's work together to unlock your greatest potential
and nurture both your inner and outer success!

Please note this is an intimate group programme that enables you to received dedicated
1-2-1 support as well as group feedback on your journey, therefore places are limited.