Personal Potential 1-Day Workshop

Aim: Discover your true potential in work and in life with our 1-day workshop.
Pinpoint your values, learn how to align your business purpose and personal purpose, and flourish at both.


In many ways, you are your business. It's time to pinpoint your personal values and drives, learn how they intersect with your business and blend the two to grow a thriving business.

In this 1-day workshop, you'll discover how psychological research and evidence-based insights can support your business and wellbeing, and enable you to accelerate your journey to inner and outer success.

This intensive strategy day will give you the time and headspace you need to focus on what really matters in your business, and to you personally - enabling you to identify your priorities and what you need in order to flourish.

This holistic approach will explore how the intersection of emotional intelligence, resilience, mental wellbeing and physical health collectively play a vital role in your overall wellbeing - both in business and in life.

We will look at why this matters and why not paying attention to the 'whole' can be detrimental for the wellbeing of yourself and your business.

Leave behind negative thinking patterns, and take away transformational techniques you can apply in your life at any time to bring you back to what is real, what is your true self, and what is your full potential.

By the end of this training you will: skyrocket your confidence, know your true worth and how to value it, stop any self-sabotaging habits and step away from overworking. You'll take away a toolkit of practical strategies to empower you and take back control of your time and energy, identifying your personal inner strength, and discover what your real purpose truly is.

Bring with you an open mind and an open heart and we'll ensure you leave feeling inspired, energised, capable to handle whatever comes your way and ready to take action.


What to expect from the workshop:

  • Intensive one-day strategy session

  • Space and support to discover your true potential and how this enables the potential of your business

Key benefits:

  • Instantly-implementable strategies to walk away with

  • Identify what's working well and what to let go of

  • Take away strategies you can work on immediately

  • Accelerate your business and personal success

  • Discover your personal values and business values

  • Align your aims and goals for improved motivation

  • Supported from like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Individual and group based activities to enhance your learning experience


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What previous attendees have to say


“Tania's event was particularly helpful for me to take stock of my own mental health and gain some tips on how to connect to a true sense of happiness. As a wellness entrepreneur, you can have a tendency to focus on helping other people achieve that, and you forget about yourself. This workshop was helpful to restore my own balance and I came away with so many helpful tips to keep my mind healthy amidst the emotional roller coaster of starting a business.”

Selma Struder, Founder of Gong


“This event was simply amazing. I attended knowing that it would help me on my journey but it exceeded my expectations. I got loads of love, support, encouragement and practical takeaways - would definitely recommend and come back again.”

Signe Christensen, Founder of Rener Wear 


“So much value to be gained. Very intense with lots of amazing content but also underpinned by a supporting and caring team of people. I can see how this training will serve me for many years to come.”

Lucie-Ann Trickett, Founder of Luciiann Gifted Art

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