This Is Calmer
A holistic approach to running your business

Join us for three live workshops on these dates at WeWork Spitalfields, London:

Monday 19 February // Tuesday 20 March // Wednesday 18 April

In partnership with YADA Events

You're here because you want to nurture your wellbeing, remove blockages and leverage relationships to take your business to the next level.

You've experienced feelings of anxiety and overwhelm and know deep down that running a business and managing your personal wellbeing is like Yin and Yang - one cannot function without the other. You've hit a glass ceiling and feel stuck, yet driven to make a significant change and improve your health and wellbeing - and experience long term, meaningful change as a result.

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Running faster in the same direction isn’t going to get you somewhere else. When you live this way, the doing is not in relationship to anything else, so you lose your relationship with meaning.
— Karen Kimsey-House, Author & Entrepreneur

Find your Calmer Approach to managing your wellbeing and your business effectively, and handle whatever comes your way with strength, resilience and adaptability. This Is Calmer.

Hi, I'm Tania, I've been running my company since 2010 and have seen it through three different transitions. During that time, there have been amazing rewards yet also real challenges, and I struggled to manage my mental health and wellbeing effectively in the early years. I've since invested in myself in multiple ways and learnt how to manage common feelings of anxiety, uncertainty and overwhelm in business - and I'm passionate about supporting entrepreneurs to achieve the same so their business can thrive.

Whether you're a new startup or an experienced business owner with a team, this programme has been created with you in mind

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Hear from Pierre-Antoine, Vanessa and Alison
about their experiences on our pilot programme

This Is Calmer programme first launched in October 2017, prior to the release of Tania Diggory's book, This Is Calmer.

We're here to help you find the time and headspace to put your wellbeing first and create long-lasting, empowering results
so you can grow your business effectively and sustainably


✔️ Learn life-changing skills to develop your emotional intelligence & resilience

✔️ Move away from comparing yourself to others through identifying your inner resources and strengths

✔️ Plan with purpose by learning tried-and-tested techniques from a range of expert speakers, to improve your leadership skills and increase your visibility in your market

Are you ready to take action to nurture your happiness,
mental health and wellbeing while growing your business?

This Is Calmer, with Tania Diggory
Programme Outline

Bringing to life the three chapters in Tania's book, This Is Calmer

✔️ Full three month programme entails one live workshop per month
plus ongoing online support and bonus material

  ✔️ Opportunities to attend individual modules is available

Module One: Managing Your Wellbeing


Shift your mindset - explore the Values Timeline to gain a deep understanding of your journey so far
Break the pattern of limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward and living your full potential
Use the Disassociation Technique to evaluate your circumstances, discover your strengths and explore choice
Learn empowering self-coaching exercises that enable you to step into your best self
Apply tried-and-tested reflective techniques to create long-term, meaningful change
and embed a business-life balance that works for you
in daily life

Special guest workshop with Mary Muirhead
Licensed Thrive Programme Practitioner and Psychological Trainer

Optimising beliefs to Thrive in business and life

Our beliefs have a huge impact on all aspects of our lives, affecting our thoughts, feelings and even our actions.
When our beliefs are helpful, they can empower and support us to live and create the lives and businesses we want. However, when our beliefs are unhelpful, they can stand in the way of us achieving our goals and true potential.

Topics covered during the session:

What a belief is and how we create and maintain our beliefs
How beliefs can impact us either positively or negatively
Identifying belief systems, the role of self-talk in beliefs and challenging and strengthening beliefs

By the end of the workshop, you'll be able to:

Understand the importance of your own beliefs in the success of your lives and business
Recognise how to identify your key beliefs and belief systems
Identify key areas where current beliefs are holding you back from achieving your goals
Identify existing positive beliefs you hold
Understand how to maintain, nurture and strengthen existing helpful beliefs
Establish limiting beliefs that are holding you back and challenge your limiting beliefs

  Visit  Thrive Your Life  to find out more

Visit Thrive Your Life to find out more

Mary Muirhead is the founder and owner of Thrive Your Life, and helps people to lead happier, healthier, more successful and fulfilling lives. Thrive is an evidenced based psychological training programme (a little bit like Personal Training for your mind) where Mary helps her clients to gain confidence and skills so they're able to take back control of their lives. This programme has helped over 30,000 people from around the globe to successfully overcome a range of issues including stress, anxiety, low self-esteem and confidence. Mary is registered with the Association of Licensed Thrive Programme Consultants operating under their strict Code of Ethics & Conduct.

Module Two: Managing Your Business


Reflect, recharge and reassess your business journey with a Calmer approach
Assess any current blockages and build on a purpose-led business strategy
Explore NLP based techniques to manage change and open up a future full of opportunities
Handle conflict with confidence - build your communication skills and apply your strengths
to manage different personality types in business

Stand out in your industry - a Calmer approach to embracing your strengths
and raising your leadership profile


Special guest workshop with Cassie Hicks
Founder of Modern Marketing Spark

A Calmer Approach To Building Your Business With Social Media:
Earn More - Work Less - Go Digital! 

The secret to marketing your business online is to focus on just those things that get results,
and to market to your strengths. Easy to say, but how do you achieve this?

In Cassie's power-packed two hour workshop, you'll learn:

How to create a simple digital marketing strategy which will increase sales without the overwhelm
The nine Marketing Accelerators to focus on for faster results
How to capitalise on your strengths to build a marketing system that becomes your biggest asset

  Visit  Modern Marketing Spark  to find out more

Visit Modern Marketing Spark to find out more

Cassie Hicks is an entrepreneur, Digital Marketing Mentor and Online Business Strategist.

Her mission is to help entrepreneurs, business owners and personality-based brands - such as speakers, authors, trainers and consultants (especially those who are feeling consumed by trying to "do it all") - to raise their profile and drive sales with digital marketing.

With her team at Modern Marketing Spark, they offer a range of services where they can SHOW you how to do it, do it WITH you or DO IT FOR YOU.

Cassie delivers the strategy and training at Modern Marketing Spark and runs their successful Shine & Profit Online Coaching Programme.

Module Three: Managing Your Relationships


Pitch with purpose - understand your USP and how to communicate your message with confidence
Get comfortable with being uncomfortable - develop networking techniques that compliment your personality type
Sky rocket your business - activate your existing network and identify new connections to build your tribe
Discover the art of sourcing and maintaining the right client and partnership opportunities
that resonate with the values of your business

Create your master business-wellbeing plan

Special guest workshop with Tomorr Kokona
Cultural Producer, Entrepreneur and Business Consultant

How to leverage the right opportunities for your business
to ensure sustainable growth

Starting and building a business can feel daunting, especially when only four in ten new businesses
are still trading after the first three years and less than 5% will survive after ten years.
So how do you give yourself the best chance of startup success?

Tomorr's powerful Inverted Pyramid system will teach you:

How to follow your passion and get paid for it
The importance of having a niche as a small to medium size business
Build your business model sustainably through embracing new technology
Put your ideas into action by leveraging valuable partnerships

  Find out more about  Tomorr's work

Find out more about Tomorr's work

Tomorr Kokona specialises in producing medium and large scale cultural programmes in partnership with public and private organisations.

Tomorr's expertise as a large scale producer, entrepreneur, choreographer and mentor draws from a wealth of experience in setting up and running diverse national and international businesses and cultural programmes.

Tomorr's artistic, business and leadership career spans over three decades and his productions have appeared at renowned venues such as Wembley Arena, London's Southbank Centre and other European institutions.



As part of the sign-up process for the
full programme, you'll receive the
following exclusive freebies:


A free copy of This is Calmer, by Tania Diggory
Access to free online training videos by our expert guest speakers, available for members only
A complimentary 1-2-1 strategy session with Tania
A bonus 1-2-1 call one month after the programme for members to share progress, receive feedback
and guidance on next steps

Access to a private membership group, to stay connected and support one another as well as
maintain motivation and inspiration


Our clients have found that putting our processes into practice straight away delivers immediate results and improvements in both their business and personal life. Now is the time to accelerate your business through mastering your health and wellbeing and creating a new, empowered and purposeful business strategy.

How does that sound to you?

Are you ready to crush your obstacles and focus on what will enable you to thrive?

This programme is for you, if...

✔️ You're in the first 1-2 years of your startup journey and want to implement a balanced lifestyle plan
that works for you and your business from the get-go

✔️ You've been running your business for more than 1-2 years yet are struggling to find that business-life balance

✔️ You feel anxious and uncertain about the next steps in your business and
are in need of clarity and support to move forward

✔️ You're in need of support and belief from mentors and a group of like-minded entrepreneurs
who will champion your goals and progress

✔️ You are ready to take your business to the next level and broaden your access to a
wider, supportive, powerful network of like-minded people

✔️ You have an open mind and an open heart to receive the feedback, ideas and
the support you need to achieve your best results


The results you can expect to achieve
from joining this programme are...


✔️ A crystal clear understanding of what's getting in your way and where you want to be

✔️ Powerful self-coaching strategies to support you on your journey and reduce feelings of anxiety and overwhelm

✔️ Increased ability to handle whatever challenges come your way with a Calmer, mindful approach

✔️ A heightened understanding of how to apply your strengths in your business and delegate the rest

✔️ Access to a new, inspiring network of mentors and entrepreneurs that support your personal and business growth

✔️ New skills to pitch your business with calmness and confidence and the ability to develop strategic partnerships

✔️ An empowering action plan that nurtures your business and wellbeing, enabling you to move forward
living the balanced lifestyle you desire

I believe that anything is possible when you nurture your mindset and take action with the support of your network

Like you, I recognise that looking after your health and wellbeing while navigating the business world is an essential attribute of long-term success.

I’m dedicated to helping you to:

- Manage your wellbeing in a way that works for you as you grow your business

- Develop a sustainable way of building your startup

- See results throughout and after the programme

- Feel empowered to seize opportunities following
the programme

- Fully embrace your potential and ability to create meaningful impact through your work

- Be the leader you were born to be

Contrary to stories you may read about "needing to work 24/7" to achieve your entrepreneur dreams, I’m here to show you a healthier, happier and well-balanced approach – empowering you to feel in control of your mental health and wellbeing while running a business.


My story is proof that you can achieve a meaningful business-life balance and I'd love
to work with you to achieve the same. Here's to your inner and outer success!

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