Mental Health & Wellbeing Support
for Purposeful Businesses & Teams

Learn how to nurture good mental wellbeing in your workplace with Calmer. We support startups, SMEs, and businesses across the UK.


What we do

Calmer provides expert-led training programmes that will enable to you create and nurture a mentally healthy culture at your workplace.

Our trainers are experts in the field of Business Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Mental Health Training and Mental Health First Aid.

Our online membership, the Calmer Community, can supplement on-site training by offering 24/7 access to wellness content designed to support one’s mental wellbeing as and when needed.

Each workplace training package is tailored to your business needs.


Why we do it

There is a strong business case for supporting the mental health and wellbeing of your staff. It is estimated that over 91 million working days are lost each year due to mental ill health, and costs UK employers over 30 billion each year – more than for any other illness.

We believe small changes that are easy to implement can go a long way, and this is what we pride ourselves on helping organisations to realise and apply to their workplace. There is growing evidence to show that implementing a strategy in the workplace that addresses the issue of burnout and embeds meaningful change in order to nurture good mental wellbeing for all staff, not only increases job satisfaction but also leads to increased happiness, higher engagement and retention of staff.


How we do it

Our workplace training programmes include:

  • Mentally healthy culture training for startups and multi-generational business teams

  • Wellbeing strategy development sessions

  • 1:1 mentoring for CEOs, senior leaders,
    and managers

  • Tailored support to for co-working spaces

  • Anytime access to our online mental wellbeing portal, the Calmer Community

The YADA Team, a    Calmer Partner

The YADA Team, a Calmer Partner

Tania and her team at Calmer have guided us though the process of ensuring our employees’ mental wellbeing and have made something that once seemed very difficult, remarkably straightforward.

Our staff and management have engaged seamlessly with her and her team and we now have a structure in place that I am hugely confident will deliver what we need.
— Paul Redding, CEO of Beggars Group
Beggars Group
Tania is a bright, shining star in the wellness world. She walks the talk and is a delightful workshop leader. The Psychologies team felt inspired and positive after our session with Calmer.
— Suzy Walker, Editor-in-Chief at Psychologies Magazine


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