Inverted Pyramid System
Extended Seminar with Tomorr Kokona


Saturday 22nd September  |  9:30am - 1:00pm  |  London venue TBC

The ‘Inverted Pyramid System’ is part of the ‘PERFORM’ Master Programme
created by Tomorr Kokona. Tomorr taught the first half of the Inverted Pyramid System
on the Be Calmer programme in April 2018.

Here, we offer you an exclusive opportunity to learn
the full pyramid system in this extended seminar.

Most freelancers, small and medium-size business owners, struggle with stress, work all hours under constant pressure, don’t make enough money, often feel isolated and burned out or are unable to keep up with the demand.

The general belief is that if they work harder they will be able to get more money and succeed. However, it has been proven that just working harder and repeating the same things is not the solution. 

As a result, they’re paying a painful price with their health, relationships and finances because they are either exchanging time for money, don’t have the right business advice or systems in place.


Tomorr Kokona is a world class performing arts consultant, coach, mentor and
creative director.

He has created a business development formula for individuals and organisations to: 

  • Increase profits

  • Reduce stress

  • Manage time better


Over the last 30 years Tomorr has set up medium, large-scale creative businesses, cultural events and programmes in partnership with private and public organisations.

Tomorr draws from his life-long success in the performing arts, qualifications and business expertise to deliver online and face to face seminars, workshops, talks and events to help people improve their work-life balance by working “ON” instead of “IN” their businesses. 

Be Calmer: Extended Seminar

During this seminar Tomorr will share with you a tested and proven formula called: ‘The Inverted Pyramid System’.

The Inverted Pyramid System helps you identify your business passion, niche, market needs and how to adjust your approach to these market by creating your personalised business model.

During the April session you learned about:

Personal Outlook

The three brain levels

The Four Aspects of ‘Me’

Your Industry Makeup (The first side of the pyramid)

An overview of your chosen industries

The Universal Mix (The second side of the pyramid)

Exploring the Resources, Opportunities and Influence in your industry

Minding your Own Business (The third side of the pyramid)

Why so many small businesses fail and what to do about it

During this extended seminar you will learn about:

Minding your Own Business (refresher) 

Why so many small businesses fail and what to do about it (refresher)

The New Renaissance (The fourth side of the pyramid)

Your strategy for success, gathering the troops and setting up your ‘play field’

The Stage Where We Play (The fifth side of the pyramid)

Running your show with impact

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