Calmer supports the health and wellbeing of entrepreneurs
We're here to help you grow your business and create
a wellbeing balance that works for you

Welcome to your Calmer Approach

Starting up your own business takes courage

We understand that feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are common for entrepreneurs
and we specialise in helping you move forward with your ambitions while managing these feelings.

Research has revealed that 72% of entrepreneurs are affected by mental health conditions.
We’re here to offer opportunities that aim to enhance the wellbeing of entrepreneurs and boost their business,
while helping to change the stigma attached to mental health concerns.

Our workshops, events and mentoring services help you to enter a place of empowerment
so you can explore your full potential. Your power is in your hands and it's our goal to show you how.

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Our Mission


We help women and men to explore a holistic approach to managing their work and maintain a wellbeing balance. We host workshops and events in partnership with YADA Events for entrepreneurs, freelancers and SME organisations, that focus on strengthening your personal resilience, and nurturing your mental health and wellbeing.

Why not take a look at the range of opportunities we deliver to discover how we can support you.

Events, Workshops and Programmes 2018

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The Secret to a
Happy Workplace

Monday 16th April

Join us for a special Funzing x Psychologies Magazine Talk, on combating mental ill-health in the workplace & ultimately having a more balanced, happier and productive work life. Book your ticket here.

Managing Your Relationships
Workshop, Wednesday 18th April

Join us for the final module of our This Is Calmer Programme, where you'll learn how to source the right kind of partnership opportunities in your industry, communicate your USP with confidence and be guided by our expert guest speaker Tomorr Kokona to create your Master Business-Wellbeing Plan.

Take advantage of our special offer!

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Practical steps to building your resilience in business
Tuesday 1st May

Register for this Free Talk at The Brew, Shoreditch to evaluate where you are in your business and learn empowering techniques to enhance your inner-strength, resilience and emotional intelligence when faced with challenges.

Limited places, book here!

Putting your wellbeing at the heart of your work
Friday 1st June

Join us in The Experience Zone at The Mindful Living Show for a practical workshop on how to find your Calmer approach to manage your wellbeing so you can thrive in your work and in life. Book your ticket here.

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Here's what some of our clients have to say

I was recommended Tania’s services when I was at a turning point in my business, and feeling very stuck and unsure of how to take things forward. Tania has been great in helping me find clarity in the direction of my business, and implement strategies to cope with the changes. Thank you for your help and support Tania.
— Emma Coxon, Owner of Assistant Guru
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Calmer supported me during my transition from self-employed to becoming a small business owner. The 1-2-1 sessions with Tania allowed me to overcome obstacles as she guided me through implementing successful business strategies and fueled my creative projects - making me a Calmer leader for my team. Calmer is great for anybody who feels overwhelmed by the processes of running a business and needs to find balance.
— Omari 'Motion' Carter, Director of The Motion Dance Collective
Sometimes it’s hard to admit what’s really stopping you from feeling fulfilled. I was lucky to work with Calmer at a time when I was doubting myself and in need of a “friendly push”. Tania is the pure example of a hardworking, self-made individual who has followed her dreams. Her super easy-to-follow model feels personal and bespoke, and it helped me shift a negative, cloudy mindset into a positive path full of possibilities.
— Alba Rueda, Events Manager / Singer-Songwriter

A note from the founder

Hi I'm Tania, and welcome to Calmer! Whether you're right at the beginning of your startup journey with nothing but a pen, notepad and your exciting ideas, or you've been running your business for a while but are feeling stuck about your next steps - Calmer is here to help.

As an entrepreneur, Business NLP Practitioner and mental health trainer, I value the strength and courage it takes to run a business and am dedicated to helping entrepreneurs manage their wellbeing, so they can thrive.

At Calmer, we truly relate to the entrepreneurial lifestyle and SME process. We offer supportive and authentic guidance based on our first-hand experiences of running multiple businesses. Our experiences have taught us so much and though there are inevitable challenges, there are also invaluable rewards. It's our goal to help you navigate your business journey so you can approach each step with confidence, resilience and achieve what really matters to you. Above all, Calmer offers you peace of mind, that you're not alone on this exciting journey.

I believe that doing what you love for a living is key. The journey is what makes it interesting, and I genuinely hope that Calmer can help you get to where you want to be.