We empower entrepreneurs and purposeful organisations
to nurture good mental health and wellbeing

Through providing digital training, workplace training, events, workshops
and intensive programmes, we focus on educating how to strengthen
your mindset and emotional intelligence while growing a business
and embed a work-life balance that is practical and attainable.


Build Your Confidence

Whether you're planning on launching your business, have just gone freelance, or are wavering in your latest creative endeavour, discover how we can support your self confidence and business confidence alike.

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Find Business Clarity

No-one can do it all, but often we expect ourselves to do just that when running a small business, or working for yourself. It can be overwhelming - which is where we come in.

Find out how our coaching, workshops, and events can help you find mental clarity and business clarity.


Empower Yourself & Your Team

Balancing business management and people management can often be tricky.

It's why our workplace courses have been designed to support you and your team to strike that balance, and sustain it.

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Please note, Calmer is not a clinical company. Our training and methodology focuses on strategies to prevent stress and burnout from escalating, self-empowerment and nurturing good mental wellbeing. If you need clinical intervention please refer to our partner, Thrive Your Life, on our Partners page.