Digital Wellbeing Training

Aim: Become a Calmer Entrepreneur with our holistic digital wellbeing training.
Find your feet as an entrepreneur, learn to manage your time effectively, and strike a balance that suits you.


Led by Calmer Founder Tania Diggory, our Digital Wellbeing Training will enable you to find confidence, discipline, and a balanced approach to being an entrepreneur. By working through these five downloadable videos at your own pace, and supported by your own Calmer workbook, you'll learn how to balance your wellbeing with your workload and excel at both work and play.


What to expect:

  • Suggested further reading and online resources

  • Access to a community of like-minded entrepreneurs

  • Five key video coaching modules to work through

  • Corresponding workbook to track your progress


Key benefits:

  • Transform the way you think about your business and your mindset

  • Learn through reflective questions and practical exercises

  • Empower yourself to move away from any beliefs that limit your potential

  • Strengthen your mindset and learn how to nurture your levels of resilience when faced challenges

  • Increase your confidence and adaptability skills

  • Embrace your full potential as an entrepreneur

  • Manage your business and wellbeing as a whole

  • Feel happier, centred and above all, Calmer

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Course Modules:

1. Managing your business and your wellbeing

2. Experiences shape who you are

3. Dealing with digital overload

4. The key to success that is often overlooked

5. Set yourself up for inner and outer success



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