Terms and Conditions

United Grooves Ltd trading as Calmer

Contract Of Work

Calmer engages with the client as per the conditions established and agreed during the proposal process. The Proposal Document establishes all service expectations, all dates, locations and working conditions of the engagement.

Payment Terms

The fees quoted in our proposals do not cover the cost of travel, accommodation (unless specified), or other out of pocket expenses incurred in connection with the client’s business e.g. room bookings, printing, hiring of equipment and costs of support services.  These costs will therefore be charged in addition to our fees.

Mileage undertaken on behalf of business for the client will be charged at a rate of .45 per mile.

The proposals attached are based on an estimate of reasonable time involved in provision of services to the client but are subject to amendment/revision which can only be achieved with the written agreement of both parties.

Invoices will be issued monthly unless otherwise agreed, detailing the work carried out where appropriate.

Payment is expected 14 days from date of invoice.


Limits of Liability

Calmer will not be liable for any loss (except for death or personal injury) over and above £10m arising out of or in connection with this or any other engagement under the same Terms of Business being handled by Calmer, in contract, tort, by statute or otherwise.

Calmer has full Public Liability Insurance and Professional Indemnity Insurance.


Cancellation and Postponement

We reserve the right to charge for any cancellation or postponement of work on the following basis.

·       Where work has already been carried out on instruction from the client and completed in good faith, which for any reason becomes redundant.

·       Time allotted by the client to conduct work which then is not utilised by the client due to cancellation or postponement.

·       Work cancelled or postponed at short or no notice, which cannot otherwise be utilised by Calmer.

 We would consider anything less than 4 weeks notice as short.


Cancellation charges:

The amount of cancellation fee is calculated as a percentage of the total fee based on the following:

Period of Notice:

Over 15 days 0%                        7 - 14 days 50%                                    0 – 6 days 100%



Any delivery postponed up to 14 days prior to the event that is rebooked at the time of postponement will not levy a cancellation charge.  Every other instance will be considered a cancellation and cancellation fees will apply.


Group Facilitation & Workplace Training

Calmer expects all delegates attending the Group Facilitation process to participate.

The number of delegates per group is agreed during Proposal discussions and pricing may be calculated accordingly, if delegate numbers exceed 20 people.

A decrease in the number of delegates within 7 days of the engagement shall not affect the cost of the engagement.

The number of delegates attending can be increased up to 7 days before the event. Calmer reserves the right to increase the overall cost of the engagement, in proportion to the number of delegates who attend the event.


121 Mentoring Services

In addition to the provisions detailed above, the following will apply in respect of the provision of mentoring services:

·       Any re-scheduling of mentoring appointments must be made a minimum of 48 hours in advance of the planned appointment, otherwise the full fee for that appointment will be payable.

·       Any missed appointments will be charged at the full fee, in addition to any travel expenses incurred related to the appointment i.e. room booking charges, mileage expenses etc.

·       If the client is late for mentoring appointments, the time available may be shortened accordingly.

·       Any mentoring sessions not taken by the client will not be refunded unless otherwise agreed with the client and/or organisational sponsor.


All Events are subject to the above cancellation and postponement terms. All events will operate according to the parameters and conditions as agreed. 

In exceptional situations where circumstances are beyond the control of Calmer, if an event is cancelled attendees will be invited to rebook the event or receive a refund of an amount to be agreed, subject to the cost of expenses already incurred.

The organiser cannot be held responsible for travel reservation losses or inconvenience resulting from cancellations.


Replacement Trainers/Consultants

Where a specific trainer/consultant is scheduled to run or attend an appointment, workshop, event, meeting or course and is unable to fulfil this commitment, Calmer will make every effort to replace him/her.

The replacement will be a carefully selected and experienced coach/consultant.  Where the consultant cannot be replaced, there will be no charge.


Other conditions

Any modifications to the contract should be agreed and confirmed in writing by both parties.

All information gained during this assignment regarding the business activity of the client will be treated in strictest confidence.

Copyright on any reports, information or intellectual property produced by Calmer remains the property of Calmer.

Interest at the rate of 2% per month will become payable upon any items outstanding for more than 15 days of their due date of payment.

This being additional to any other means of distress for obtaining payment available to us under normal procedures of law.

These terms of business are governed and construed in accordance with English law and it is hereby agreed to submit any dispute which arises in connection with them to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts.

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