Mental Health & Wellbeing Support
for Co-Working Spaces & Members

Provide pastoral support as part of your membership offering with Calmer.
We work with co-working spaces and their members to nurture good mental health, wellbeing, and business success.


Scaleable programmes to suit your members

Calmer provides expert-led events and services for entrepreneurs, start-ups, and teams. Our programmes educated how to create and nurture a mentally healthy culture in your co-working space.

Our range of services include:

  • Access to premium digital training programmes

  • A digital membership platform with multimedia content to support mental health

  • Expert-led mental health and wellbeing events

  • Workshops for 10-30 people

  • 1:1 sessions with a Calmer practitioner

Having worked with individual co-working spaces within London, and bigger co-working networks throughout the UK, our solutions are scaleable to fit you and your members’ needs.

It has been an absolute pleasure partnering with Calmer. The programme of events and workshops that they have delivered have been insightful and invaluable for our members.

By placing importance on a subject that is so often over-looked, Tania and her team are showing them that looking after their mental health is the most productive thing they can do for their business.

Tania herself is like a ray of sunshine in any room, and her support and kindness as Campfire has grown has been amazing.
— Ellie Bryant, General Manager at Campfire
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