6 ways to destress on your tea break

Did you know, tea was first used as a medicinal drink?

Since its early origins in China, through to its widespread popularity in Britain, the humble cup of tea has always been seen as an opportunity to sit back, breathe, and enjoy.

To celebrate National Tea Day on the 21st, we’ve put together this guide to making the most of your tea break - no matter what you drink.

Nowadays, those few minutes away from the screen, sipping peacefully can be a precious commodity. Make the most of them and lower your stress levels with these different techniques…

1. Enjoy your cup of tea away from your desk

It may seem logical, but many of us will sip our cups of tea at our desks. In fact, up to 60% of us eat our lunch at our desks, so it seems we really do spend a lot more time at our desks than we should.

The next time you make a cup of tea, take some time away from your desk. A walk around the office, or a seat in the break-out area can quite literally give you a new perspective, and will give you an opportunity to rest your mind before another period of focus.

2. Refer to your pocket mentor

A tea break is just enough time to flick through a few pages of This is Calmer, our pocket book with inspiration, support and encouragement for the entrepreneurial mind. The book combines affirmations with business theories to provide a boost of motivation.

3. Take a tea meditation

To enjoy a truly peaceful cup of tea, you could try practicing a tea mediation. This activity combines the preparation and enjoyment of tea with gratitude. To take a tea mediation:

  • Start by preparing your tea, focusing on the present moment and activity in hand.

  • Once your tea is made, find a quiet place to sit.

  • As you wait for your tea to cool slightly, return to focusing on the present: the aroma of your tea, the feel of your body, and the slow rise-and-fall of your breath.

  • Before drinking, give thanks for your cup of tea. Take a minute or two to respect its journey to you, and the circumstances that led you to being here in this moment.

  • Drink your tea. Savour it.

  • When finished, sit comfortably and meditate. This could be for a minute, or for 10 - it’s up to you.

4. Jot down what’s on your mind

A cup of tea only requires one hand to drink, so if you’re the multi-tasking kind, why not spend those peaceful few minutes decluttering your mind. On a piece of paper, make a list of everything you need to do. Emails to reply to? Meetings to schedule? Actions to follow up? Put it all down on paper.

You’ll find this physical list will give you more space to think, and there’s something so satisfying about crossing out completed tasks…

5. Choose a healthier snack

If you like a snack with your cup of tea, try one of these brain-boosting foods. While high-sugar or high-fat snacks may be more appealing, these options will give you a slower-release of energy to help you through the day:

  • Protein bar

  • Teaspoon of nut butter

  • Trail mix

  • Yoghurt

  • Apple, banana, or an orange

  • Dark chocolate

  • Dried fruit

  • Handful of nuts

  • Hummus and celery or carrot

6. Identify your stress symptoms

If you’re feeling stressed, it may be worth spending some time identifying how stress appears in your mind, body, and emotions. While it may not be possible to control the causes of stress, you can certainly ease the symptoms. Join The Reignite Project, our free e-course, to work through your stress and prevent burnout.

Heres to your inner and outer success,

The Calmer Team