How supported do you feel in your business?

“Your tribe will enable you to thrive.”

That’s a little quote from my book I wanted to share with you. What does that mean? How does building a support network, a tribe, enable you to thrive?

We all have that moment as entrepreneurs, where the initial excitement about starting a business takes over and it feels like you’re embarking on a life-changing adventure. No doubt, you are certainly in for an adventure…!

But then there’s the inevitable realisation after a period of time, when it hits you – just how much work, time, energy, consistency, effort, and management is involved. It takes a great deal of determination, motivation and patience (to name a few) to grow a business.

It’s natural to start off wearing may different business hats – you’re the marketer, the sales person, the admin manager, accountant, client manager, operations director, etc… but here’s the reality. The entrepreneur life is not designed to be a lonely experience and you can only maintain those business hats for so long, right? If your business is to reach new heights, you’ll need support, otherwise your business will simply remain at one level.

And you know that you’re destined to reach new heights and achieve your absolute full potential – so how can you really know what you’re capable of if you don’t have the time and headspace to figure it out? Having others helping you along the way, creating that space for you to flourish at applying your strengths, while they handle the tasks that they do really really well, but would drain your energy. 

You may already have a team, or you may be thinking “I’m a one-man/woman band and I can’t imagine anyone else doing my work for me – where would I even start?” Many successful solopreneurs indeed have a team behind their personal brand, working hard to maintain that level of exposure – and it doesn’t have to be a big team.

What difference would it make to your business, your lifestyle or indeed your health and wellbeing right now by allocating just a few hours a week to working with an assistant who could take on tasks that you find too time-consuming? Wouldn’t that be a worthwhile investment, both in you and your business?

Remember, you can only manage so much on your own before the demands of the business means you’ll need to outsource certain aspects in order to manage things effectively. Thriving also comes from putting yourself in environments where you’ll meet and be inspired by like-minded people, who may also be able help you with different aspects of your business, but most importantly, are there for emotional support along the journey. We all need that.

Here’s a great article that highlights some top benefits of community for entrepreneurs. Reignite that potential within you and continue to build your support network so you can thrive.

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Here’s to your inner success,

Tania x