Realising the freelance dream with Psychologies Magazine

Have you picked up this month's copy of Psychologies Magazine yet?

If you flip to page 26 of the October 2018 issue, you'll find a familiar name - our very own Tania Diggory!

We worked with Ali Roff of Psychologies to highlight the expectations vs. realities of freelancing. In the modern workplace, there is often a mix of full-time and freelance staff, and we know it's easy to think "the grass is greener" being a freelancer. In certain aspects it is - but you may find a few roadblocks along the way.

Here's a few snippets of advice for improving your freelance work, and achieving your dream work-life balance:


1. Accept and Appreciate New "Colleagues"

Are you ready to spend a whole lot of time with your partner, your family, and even your pets? Working from home may feel like a welcome break from commuting, but it can put a strain on your close relationships.

Find a way to dedicate time to your work, and time to your close ones, without feeling guilty.


2. Get Out of the House - Regularly

There are many benefits to working from home. However, "cabin fever" can become an issue. Combine a routine centred around one single location with a lack of colleagues, and you may find yourself in quite a difficult situation.

Look for flexible ways to get out of the house - whether that's a fitness regime at your local gym, or dedicating a few hours per week to a co-working space, you will really appreciate the breaks in your routine.


3. Respect Your Decision

There are both pros and cons to being a freelancer. Commitment to your decision is key to better wellbeing across your business and your wellbeing. However, you may experience nagging doubts - sometimes even verbalised by friends and family.

Respect that you have chosen a brave path - one with uncertainty, driven by a passion inside of you - and seek support from those who truly champion you.

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