How to overcome self-doubt

Have you ever doubted yourself and your dreams?

Have there been times when you've thought about quitting and settling for less than what you truly desire?

I've certainly been there.


How to Deal with Setbacks

Dealing with setbacks is a part of the entrepreneur journey. Things don't always go how you'd planned or expected - and what have I learnt over the years I've been running my company since 2010? 

Setbacks do not define who you are nor to they reflect your ability to achieve what you truly desire. It is a bump in the road and more importantly, an opportunity to experience a profound learning curve that will shape your journey moving forward.


Two Types of People

My yoga teacher shared a theory in class the other day (very wise, this one). He said he believes there are two types of people in the world. People who are led by love, and people who are led by fear.

Fear is a block. It is a feeling that we can embody and believe about our situation, yet what we're fearing isn't necessarily truth. If you approach what you fear and choose to be led by love instead - what you believe in wholeheartedly and committing to that feeling - over time you can feel a transformation happen within you, and it's remarkable what can happen in your life as a result of that shift.

Now, I'm not saying this in a wishy-washy kind of way... I mention this because I completely relate to what he was saying, from experience.

Because I've gone through what he is talking about.


Overcoming Self-Doubt

I've lived in fear and my transformation came from dedicating my energy and time to shifting my mindset about what I believed to be true about myself, knowing that I am capable of achieving empowering work and owning the passion to make a difference through my work. Shifting any negative thinking patterns and owning positive reinforcements that aligned with my true potential.

Remember, each one of us embodies limitless potential within - so how do we unlock it?

I believe when you make the choice to approach your decisions from a place of love, not fear, magic happens.

For sure, this takes practice... it is in no way easy!


Give It Time

If you're struggling with fear right now and you want to make that change, then it is worth the love/fear battle within you, to commit every day to shifting any negative belief patterns you're experiencing and embodying what is true for you and your passion.

Change doesn't happen overnight. It takes time.

Think of it as rewiring the thought patterns in your brain so you can approach your decisions a different way, one that serves you best.

After a while, I'm positive that you'll start to believe and internalise that place of love, rather than a place of fear.

Finally, and significantly, keep your support network close during this time. You know who they are.

Here's to your inner and outer success.

Tania x