Start the New Year in a way that works for you

Forget the “New Year, New You” articles. Reinvention often isn’t the way forward - it takes a lot of energy and you might find that it may not even work for you.

Starting the New Year in a way that works for you actually involves setting intentions for you and your business, and also addressing the issues you didn’t get round to last year. Taking the time to plan your path for 2019 with a wellbeing balance will give you peace of mind, as well as clear business direction.

Here’s how you can do just that:

Define what’s best for business

If you haven’t already, we recommend starting out with our Year in Review exercise.

By reflecting on your entrepreneurial journey thus far, you’ll be able to relive the highlights, and also identify any areas of improvement.

Gauge your health and wellbeing

Looking at your health and wellbeing at the start of 2019 is very important, particularly as many of us get struck by cold, sickness, and seasonal affective disorder at this time of year.

Alongside setting realistic business goals and areas to improve on, see how you can factor in some time to look after yourself each week - we can all make the time, it’s simply a question of prioritising. For many entrepreneurs, this is easily forgotten in favour of work, however it may very well hinder your overall progress if you do neglect your health and wellbeing.

Following our Digital Wellbeing Training is the perfect way to get into a well balanced routine. You can tailor when and where you follow the five sessions, and return to them across the year.

Tap into your feelings

At Calmer, we believe a happy mind makes for a happy business. It goes against the traditional approach to business, asking you to leave your feelings at the door.

By learning how to tap into your feelings, you will be more receptive to good opportunities that make you excited, working through things that make you nervous rather than avoiding them altogether, and being more aware of your mental health in general.

If you need support with this, we recommend coming along to our next Personal Potential Workshop, where you will learn how to align your business purpose and personal purpose.

Set your intentions

Now that you have reviewed your business, health, and emotions, it’s time to set your intentions for 2019.

Instead of resolving something, bring positivity to all of your aims and ideas. What would you like to reflect back on by the end of the year? What would make you smile? What brings joy to your mind, body and soul?

Write these down and store them in a place you can refer to easily. Perhaps you could display them on your wall, or set them as your background.

Make a habit of routinely looking over them, and appreciating how well you’re working towards them.