Stress-busting strategies for entrepreneurs

How do you deal with stress? And how does it manifest itself in you?

From a simple difficulty in focusing, to physical pain and trouble sleeping, stress can put you and your business at risk. It's part of the reason why we started Calmer - to support entrepreneurs and prevent them experiencing stress.

Here are a few ways you too can take control of your stress levels:


Remind Yourself of Your Bravery

Starting up your own independent business, enterprise, or project takes courage, perseverance and bravery.

That's a line from our book, This Is Calmer. It's something you should remind yourself every time you start feeling stressed; the path you have chosen is incredibly brave.

You probably knew times were going to be hard, and you're experiencing that now. That's okay - many of us do.

Embrace that you've chosen a hard path to follow, and praise yourself for persevering.


Train Yourself to be Calmer

We’ve just launched our Digital Wellbeing Training, called The Calmer Entrepreneur.

You can beat stress and become a Calmer Entrepreneur with our series of holistic training videos.

The training videos are there for you to complete in your own time, and go at your own pace. They encompasses business and life goals across five modules, including:

  1. Balancing your business and your wellbeing

  2. Understanding how experiences shape who you are

  3. Dealing with digital overload

  4. Discovering the often overlooked key to success

  5. Setting yourself up for inner and outer success

We hope our course will help you find your feet as an entrepreneur, learn to manage your time effectively, and strike a balance that suits you.