21 reasons to join the Calmer Community

We’re delighted to announce our new membership platform, the Calmer Community, launches today! If you’re looking for a digital destination where you can check-in with yourself, breathe, take a moment, and learn to be calmer in your work and your life, you’re in the right place.

While we, The Calmer Team, have been steadily working on the Calmer Community for many months, this may be the first time you’ve heard about it. If so… you’re in for a treat!


What is the Calmer Community?

The Calmer Community is a digital platform created to nurture your mental health and wellbeing at anytime, from anywhere. It is designed for entrepreneurs, freelancers, and busy professionals who may be missing an opportunity to prioritise themselves over their work.

Our aim is to support members through a range of different methods, including:

  • Online courses sent straight to your inbox

  • Guided meditations and affirmations audio

  • Breathing technique videos

  • Downloadable wellbeing guides

  • Communal book club with reading prompts

  • Live webinars led by Calmer experts

  • Discounts to Calmer-led events

  • Recorded live events to watch and re-watch

  • Curated reading lists and digital resources

  • Community of like-minds to connect with


21 benefits of the Calmer Community

Thinking about joining the community? Let us take you through 21 reasons why membership will benefit you…

  1. Learn how to prioritise your mental health and wellbeing on a regular basis

  2. Get a fixed discount on all Calmer-led events for as long as you’re a member

  3. Join digital courses, such as the One Mindful Minute course, sent directly to your inbox

  4. Learn how to calm your breathing with instructional videos

  5. Discover how to combine wellbeing strategies with business strategies

  6. Try Wellbeing Recipes to create calm moments that work for you

  7. Join the Calmer Book Club for communal learning at an easy pace

  8. Further your knowledge of stress and burnout, and how to sustainably manage them

  9. Gain access to the Calmer Community Facebook Group

  10. Build healthy self-care habits that stick

  11. Speak with a Calmer Mentor in quarterly webinars

  12. Join a network of like-minds that will support and inspire you

  13. Access the Calmer Community 24/7, 365 days a year

  14. Check in with your mental health and wellbeing whenever you need

  15. Listen to guided meditations and affirmations

  16. Follow curated reading lists and digital resources from the Calmer Team

  17. Watch recorded Calmer events for when you can’t attend

  18. Cultivate a deeper sense of self-awareness

  19. Learn and grow at a pace that works for you

  20. Feel happier, relaxed, and calmer in work and in life

  21. And if you sign up now for an annual membership, you’ll get 12 months for the price of 10!