10 tips to maximise your potential as an entrepreneur

Any good entrepreneur will tell you the key to success is hard work. In a way, they’re right, but they’re also missing out a lot of other factors that will lead to true success.

In the run up to our Personal Potential Workshop, we’re sharing the essential factors that will improve your business - and chances of success - greatly.

1. Agility

For a business, agility refers to the ability to rapidly respond to change and adapt accordingly. Agility within yourself is also key - you’ll need to recognise changes, build flexibility into your plans, and learn to adapt without causing yourself stress.

If you find it hard to be as agile as your business may need you to be, we recommend coming along to one of our workshops.

2. Awareness of opportunities

Some people may list “luck” as a factor for success, but we interpret this as awareness of opportunities. By psychologically training yourself to be aware - and appreciate - incoming opportunities, you’ll be far more likely to stumble across some golden opportunities.

3. Confidence

By stepping out into the business world on your own, you’ve already shown that first glimmer of confidence. You’ll need to continue with it when growing your business. The best way to do that is to stay up-to-date with your industry, and keep learning. Fear is a natural reaction when we feel uninformed or unsupported, so instead, breathe through that fear. Invite it in. And action it accordingly, turning it into confidence.

4. Enjoyment

The key to enduring the entrepreneurial journey is finding joy along the way. Taking a moment to step back and make the most of your small wins and your growth will keep you moving forwards. Especially at this time of year, it’s worth taking a moment to pause, reflect, and enjoy.

5. Introspectiveness

Nurturing the connection with yourself will strengthen many of the points on this list. Many business leaders meditate because introspection is so important for staying strong, open, and recognising ways to realise your full potential.

It’s why connection is one of the our key principles at Calmer.

6. Patience

For many entrepreneurs, waiting for success is especially tough. You may have planted the right seeds, and watered them correctly, but sometimes they take a while to bloom.

Being patient is one of the hardest struggles for entrepreneurs, but there are ways to alleviate the stress it causes. Reflecting on small wins - i.e. steps towards success - is just one quick and easy way to realise how well you’re doing.

If waiting for success is affecting your wellbeing, we recommend following our Digital Wellbeing Training to learn how best to manage yourself and your business.

7. Persistence

Persistence is the sister to patience. Waiting for success to happen only works when we continue doing what we’re doing.

Whatever industry you’re in, we bet there’s no formula for success. Instead, it will take frequent and consistent hard work. And you definitely have it in you.

8. Self-discipline

In our guide to successful habits of entrepreneurs, we placed routine as the #1 habit. While there’s no routine to business - it comes in waves - you can take control by giving yourself a routine that suits you. That doesn't have to be the usual 9am - 5pm either - only 6% of the UK workforce keep to those hours!

A good routine will foster a certain level of self-discipline, too. You’ll be more focused during your designated hours, and will have downtime to look forward to.

9. Support network

We believe every entrepreneur deserves a support network. Finding people who are in your position to swap stories with, learn from, and grow together, is both fulfilling and will give you a sense of belonging. If you haven’t already, please do join us in the Calmer Entrepreneur Facebook Group.

10. Willingness to learn

A good entrepreneur never stops learning. Keeping up with your industry and growing your business knowledge are so important. And for the management of your own mental health, we’ve got you covered.

Join us on 7th December to gain time, headspace, and implementable skills to manage your business for the better at our Personal Potential Workshop. We look forward to seeing you there!